Friday, February 29, 2008

Fighting With Mom...

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Good day little boys,uncle,titas and avid fans! Baby me just had her bath and she's feeling fresh now.

Thanks to mom who keeps me clean and fresh.I love it when it is bathing time because I can get rid of the yucky feeling due to messing with milk and sticky poop! I  cried a little bit, t'was very cold and mom delaying me from drying and cleaning my body,could be because she can't get enough of my chubby babyish body..??

You know here comes my calvary as mom brings me to the room for cleaning my nose and ears.She knows how I hate it when she keeps picking my nose and yet she insist on doing it. I  have to fight with her when she does that to let her know that I  am not happy with it. I know removing the mucus is for my own good so I can breath better but I just don't like it.

Thanks to you mom for taking care of me and for showing so much love in me for that is all what I really need inorder to grow not forgetting the powerful milk as well to keep me strong and healthy. Now I  am ready to sleep because I am all bundled up.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Snaps of A Celeb Baby

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There is nothing else to do in this cool afternoon.Baby me was spitting up that caused my onesie to be a little damp on my left shoulder because mom forced me to suck the pacifier even if I don't like it,see what happened,I spit up.

Instead of changing my clothes right away,mom was being a big annoyance for me because she wanted me to pose and pose for her. I couldn't do anything,I am just a helpless baby and can't run away from her.I guess mom just wanted to see how big I am now since I am already 5 weeks old today.

Mom and I are both happy of the photos.Atleast my hardwork was paid off,it was too cold to pose naked you know? Take a look at the snaps on the slideshow and you'll be the judge if I am lookin' cute or not.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

bubbling baby

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Mommy is wondering why when I am sleeping I tend to have some bubble in my mouth.She may be thinking that I am playing in my dreams with bubble that is why it is shown in my mouth without me knowing it,because who knows? I am sleeping you know?

All I know that each time I close my eyes,I always have good and bad dream.When its good,I tend to smile and mommy sees it and she smiles too.If I'm having a bad dream,my mom worries about me because she's afraid that I am hurt or sick but no,I am just having a day mare or what they call nightmare lol...

Mom is So Jealous of Me

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What more can a month old baby like me want if she is well taken cared of by her mommy? Mom is always ready when I am hungry she feed me with fresh milk right away,keep me clean in the bottom,bath me,attend to my other needs and keep me warm all the time.

I know that mommy is so jealous of me because she cannot get the sleep she ever wanted since I'm here in this world while baby me sleep most of the time especially during the day.She's jealous hearing me snoring and making different facial expressions while I am in a dreamland.I certainly say,mommy is wishing that she was a baby too.Worry free,not thinking of problems in this world and most of all just wake up to eat and when full,peacefully going back to sleeping again.Poor mommy!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Growing Up Real Fast

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I feel like my baby is no longer a baby for she's growing up so fast now.I was shocked when I put on the onesie that she used to wear when we were still in the hospital doesn't fit anymore.My eyes got big because it is already too tight for her.It has only been 4 weeks since her birth but so amazing how she grown up some of her clothes.

I worry that she won't be able to wear all those cute new clothes of hers sooner.Hohoho I would be so regretful for buying things that wouldn't fit to her.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Brave Girl

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Hey hey!! How have you been doing all guys? Baby has been sleeping for couple days and she just woke up today hehehe.It's pretty cold in our place today after weeks of getting enough heat from the sun,now it's time for Mr.Winter to take over.Despite of the coolness,that does not stop  mama from bathing me.

Mom really thinks I am a brave girl because I did not cry though shivering and goose bumps can be seen in me but oh still waited for mom until she gets done cleaning my small body.I like  being cleansed because of my cute little butt is kind of sticky from pooping and peeing all the time.It makes me feel good afterwards.It takes away all the fussiness I feel. What I like most after bathing is that mom give me her fresh milk right away and oh those soft little touches of her hands on my body just feeling so loved by her.


Growing So Fast

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Yeppeeyy I'm full of milk in my stomach that I am just behaving here,having fun looking around in this small room we have. My mom start to notice the grins and smiles on my face and so she tease me...looks like she just love making fun of me as her way of expressing her fondness to me.In 4 days time,I am going to be a month old and both of my parents are looking forward for a slight progress of this babyish body and mind.

Progress can be seen in me.I now have control of my  head,keeping it upright but not too long though because it's so big and tiring.I can only make 2 wet diapers in one night which is good for I'm not giving so much work to mommy.My feet and hands are getting stronger.Demands for more supply of milk is increasing,should be breastmilk and formula go together in order for my hungry stomach to be satisfied.As you can see in my previous post, my cheeks are chunkier than ever and mom thinks I'm growing so fast!!

Baby should stop for now..hungry for milk again ciao bye bye!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Perfectly Healthy Baby

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First of all,happy weekend readers! Baby has the chance to make some update here.Ok let me tell you first about our trip to my pediatrician yesterday. It was smooth and easy for all 3 of us. I'm not gaining so much weight and only grow an inch long from my birth measurement. My doctor says that I am a perfectly healthy baby,no diseases,no illness,no nothing..yes,it sounds music to both of my parents knowing that their little Jadyn is doing good now.

Past  2 weeks already and my umbilical cord has not fall off so at the clinic,the doctor did remove it from me and ouch I cried so loud,it was kind of painful as well as to my mommy as she was watching him doing it to me.Dad couldn't dare to watch me in pain and just turn his head away..I can now soak myself in the tub inorder to feel refreshed and clean..yeppeey

Mommy notice slight changes in me since last night,first of all I consumed the whole 8 ounces of milk that my daddy made me for the whole night.I am now sleeping for atleast straight 5 hours sleep  at night for the first time but mommy can never get the rest she needs because she keeps watching over my pretty face while I am sleeping.Then from 5 am until probably 10 a.m today I will be sleeping still isn't it nice?  I ate too much and so here comes their calvary again,I poop and pee alot and make their bed wet.I love sleeping on my side so the diaper did not help with the urine tsk tsk tsk.Poor mommy because she has to sleep on the wet side of the bed while me comfortable sleeping in my papasan.

Ok,I have to stop cooing here and time to share most recent photos of me that mom took last 2 days ago.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

First Baby Bath in the Tub

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Mommy did a good job bathing me for the first time in the tub.For the past three weeks I have been having only sponge bath due to the reason that my umbilical cord has not yet fallen off.The pediatrician took it off during our last visit to his office so now I'm good to having my bath in the tub.Weewww I did not cry much.I am loving the warm water.

Mommy was nervous and I was scared too as it was our first time together playing with water. But she really did a good job and it was a success for both of us because we finished safely. I was kind of cold afterwards and as a consolation my mom fed me with fresh breastmilk right away.As she does that,she massage me with lotion at the same time that feels really really good,soothes my muscles and oh so calming.Then took me outside to get some sunlight.We only stayed for 3 minutes though because it was already past 12 noon and it was kinda hot on my skin.

Now I am  feeling so fresh and ready to sleep but hmmm what is mommy doing? Why is she not putting me to sleep yet? Leave her alone,she's busy naks!!

~~~~~~~~~~Come Sing With Me~~

You're my Honeybunch, Sugarplum
Pumpy-umpy-umpkin, You're my Sweetie Pie
You're my Cuppycake, Gumdrop
Snoogums-Boogums, You're the Apple of my Eye
And I love you so and I want you to know
That I'll always be right here
And I love to sing sweet songs to you
Because you are so dear


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