Tuesday, July 21, 2009

17th-Month Milestones

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Here goes my recent activities here. There is nothing much going on here except for the fact that I am into everything. I love to touch, screw up things which I think are interesting. I also love to get messy everytime mom leave me to feed by myself. Enjoy the photos people!

.... i'm learning how to use fork and spoon eventhough it's so awkward to use
.... don't tell mommy that I'm the one responsible for the mess below
.... pulling all the facial tissue out from the box to give mommy a headache
.... this sticks taste yummy
..........hmmmmm nam nam is the noodles..
........ anong paki ko sa long hair mo??? anong say mo sa long hair ko??
...... chatting one of mom's online buddies, tita chilay
...... do you think i am this good to not make a mess afterwards??
......... right on the edge of the cliff hehehe

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Baby With Moustache

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The recent shots of me having my thick moustache. Have you ever seen a baby with moustache? Well, if you're looking at my photos, probably this is your first time to see such adorable baby like me.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Long Hibernation

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After such long hibernation in blogosphere, finally I am back to writing the latest of me here. Mom has been so busy with her farming and for that I couldn't sneak in her computer and update my blog. But anyways, sulk no more my readers because little baby is back!!

I'm back writing some of the tricks I've learned for the past weeks. Mom has been pulling her hair because she thinks she can't keep up with me. Blame not me for I am just a baby who is curious to explore the world. Firstly is that, I have this problem not major though that I inherited from mom, being constipated is no fun at all. I find it hard to release my poop even though I'm given some laxative occasionally. But hmm I'm not gonna talk further about that, it's just gross. Just so gross.

Of all the things I love doing nowadays is getting on top of anything, as high as I can to reach the things I'm not supposed to touch. I can use my chair, my wooden motorcycle or my high chair just to reach delicate and pointed things. Aside from being so sneaky, I can now distinguish different basic parts of the body like nose, eyes, hair, head, belly, knees, toes, shoulders, tits, armpits and etc.

I also love looking at animal pictures, looking at real life animals, airplane and speaking specific words aloud like baby, dada, yes, chicha, meme for mommy! HOw is that for an update huh? Hope I don't bore you with all these developments I stated here and wish you'll come back from time to time. I try my best to keep this blog updated whenever I can.

~~~~~~~~~~Come Sing With Me~~

You're my Honeybunch, Sugarplum
Pumpy-umpy-umpkin, You're my Sweetie Pie
You're my Cuppycake, Gumdrop
Snoogums-Boogums, You're the Apple of my Eye
And I love you so and I want you to know
That I'll always be right here
And I love to sing sweet songs to you
Because you are so dear


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