Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baby Jadyn Bath Video

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Ok,here I am again people.Taking my time uploading my video and updating this pretty little playhouse here.I'm posting something interesting that has happened to me and my mom today.Here it goes,continue reading.

I think mom feel much happier for having me now that I'm older (6 months and 2 weeks old) than before.Kung iya ko hagwaon,tagaan naku siya tinalidhay nga tinoud only a baby can do.When she wants me to do my tricks,I'll do it without hesitations.So many little gestures I can do that makes my mom's heart melts.

Watch the video of me bathing this afternoon.She noticed it lately that when she bath me,I would do the funniest facial expression I never imagined of doing.Mamungot,pina kita sa pangag ug magpa siga siga sa mata dayong katawa.She has no idea why I do that.Tan awa lang ug unsay inyo ika reaction!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Chose "Dada" Than Mom

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I always love it when I have both of my parents' attention.It makes me feel more loved by them when they play,talk and showing their affection to me.Thanks God for my parents,for loving me and for taking care of me.I love them both too.

Beautiful scene is what happened last night.I was in my crib,murmuring wanting either mom or dad to pick up my little body because I want to just be in my walker and chase our dog.So mom and dad both came to our bedroom to pick me up.As they couldn't decide who is going to have me,mom,asked me "who do you want,dada or mama?" and I replied "Dada,dada!" and then asked the same question again,I still say "Dada".

Both of my parents would look at each other and burst out to laugh.Then there goes mom again asking me the same q but I was firm with my answer,my answer is DADA..DADA..DADA! So Dad won over mom! That was such an awesome moment with my family.

Nothing can ever compare the happiness I felt during that time.I can never forget those precious moments that my parents spent with me.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our Visit To My Grandpa!

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I am sad to know that my grandpa,Morgan isn't doing good.He has been sick lately and it saddens me so much.I love him and he loves me too.Seeing him sick sucks! Mom,dad and I decided to see him to let him know we are always here and that we cared for him.We traveled from afar only to see my poor old grandpa.

I am glad mom took a bunch of photos of us especially me and my grandpa so someday when I grow up,I can have something to look at when he's gone for I know I still have several years to wait before I could totally understand what is going on around me right now and that he doesn't think he can live until I become an adult.So better enjoy the days while I can still see my grandpa.

my family in the guest room of Air Force Village
picture..picture ra mi
my lolo,me and dad at the dining room where he lives
this is my lolo..Morgan is his name.
my sick lolo.get well soon lolo..

just me and my her so much..

Monday, July 21, 2008

Please Vote for Me

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Hi Playmates,titas and visitors.Would you be kind enough to vote for me for the contest that is currently running at


. I am the one wearing a yellow top with headband.Just click on Jadyn.

I would be so thankful to have you voted for me there! JUST CLICK ON THE LOGO TO GET YOU DIRECTED TO THE WEBSITE.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Sleeping Positions

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Happy weekend my playmates.For those who have visited me here for the last days,I would like to sincerely thank you for taking the time peeking me in my little castle.Here I am again posting some of my weird,awkward yet comforting sleeping positions that I make each time I go to sleep.

Mom is so good at capturing these sweet sweet positions I have.I am unaware I make those when I sleep.So for keepsake reason,I am posting them here.Hope you enjoy looking at them guys

oppps..what is this? isn't it too painful for the arm and legs baby? here's another weird position I make..
and this one..i'm sleeping in this one only one eye open haha
and what do you call this? hmmm lovin' it so much..
it feels great sleeping on my and dad cannot do anything with it..

just let me do what i want mom...don't bother me..
hayyy bigh sigh..this looks just a normal position i make..
this isn't normal for me to be sleeping like this..wait 'till I slumber and snore..
hmmm.. mom likes it when I sleep like this...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yeppey I'm 6 Months Now

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I've done such great achievement of living on Earth for 6 months so far.I turned 6 months exactly at 7:35 tonight.I am keeping track of all the progress I've made so that when mommy needs them in the future I have a record of them all here in my blog.

Anyways,I share the video that mom took last night.This is how I behave when I am about to sleep.In the beginning of the video,I was screaming telling mom that I really am sleepy.When she turned on the camera and I started noticing it,my mood changed.From sleepy to being alive again.Ah..truly I'm a camera addict now.

Watch the video and you'll know how "likot" I am now.When mommy holds me upright,I tend to jump up and down so much that I wear her out afterwards.When being put in a walker,I can now walk both front and backwards.I used to just aginod backward you know?

I can't think of anything else to post here anymore.Just keep track of my progress guys and you'll find out that I am so much healthier than any other babies you've seen.I am not fat and not malnourished either.I'm just a one cute little girl.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

First Night Sleeping In My Crib

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Yehey! Uttered mom and dad after they set up my crib and put all the necessary sheets in it for me to be comfortable sleeping in my new crib.We spent half of our day today shopping for pinkish stuff so they can finally sleep well at night.

Tonight it's gonna be my first night sleeping apart from them.In my new crib,the new pinkish crib will be my place as long as it can accommodate my small body.Mom thinks I like it here because I did not cry she first put me there earlier for a try.

This is enough for tonight playmates because I am so excited laying down now.Everything in pink so who doesn't like it there? Gotta sleep now! CIAO and happy weekend people.

a shot of me sleeping peacefully..shhh..shhh
hmmm feels good,so comfortable.I think I'm gonna love my new bed.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Baby Babbles That I Make This Month

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I can't help it.I really can't help myself from growing.Just a little bit more nahabilin and I will be on my toddlerhood stage pretty soon.hahaha toddlerhood pa? Is there such a word as toddlerhood? toink...forgive me!

OH well,just a quick update here.You know what guys? Mom and dad are really really fond of me now.I do make alot of babbles already.Let me count 1,2,3,4, ah just a few for now. Babbles like atatata,dadadada,eje eje,eehhh ehhh and those small and big sighs I make when I feel bored or tired.Mom thinks I sound frustrated when I do it but truth is I'm not.

I somehow don't understand mom for telling her friends online that I make "binata" here.She would say "tua napud akong anak nagbinata napud kay nag yawyaw napud dadadada kuno".If I may not know it,she loves hearing all the cute sounds I make plus it makes her more gigil of me when I showed her my pangag gums! Bleehhh poor mommy so jealous of her tisayan Merkana Pinay-mestiza negra Deden.

Long talk today eh.Ok gotta go for I need to sleep real bad,my eyes are getting cuter now haha.. eyebags diay to nagpa cute.

Today's Word:BABBLING

"Babble" redirects here. For other uses, see Babble (disambiguation).
Babbling (also called twaddling) is a stage in child language acquisition, during which an infant appears to be experimenting with uttering sounds of language, but not yet producing any recognizable words. (Crucially, the larynx or voicebox, originally high in the throat to let the baby breathe while swallowing, descends during 'the first year of life', allowing a pharynx to develop and all the sounds of human speech to be formed [1]). Babbling begins at approximately 5 to 7 months of age, when a baby's noises begin to sound like phonemes. Infants begin to produce recognizable words usually around 12 months, though babbling may continue for some time afterward

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


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Ok,I am late again in my posting here.As usual,you always expect that I am too busy growing up here.How you all doing guys? For me here I am getting good and also growing prettier everyday,according to mom.

What I want to tell you here today are just few of my progress that mom and dad noticed.I supposed to be posting this 2 days ago but have had no chance doing it.Ok,first word that I was able to say is MAMA! I was crying that night wanting to sleep but mom was too busy doing her thing,she carried me into her arms and I still continued crying calling her "MAMA! MAMA!" of course daddy heard that too and he exclaimed,ohhhhh she call you first! HAHA I bet mommy won that night.

Secondly is that I am giving mom a hard time now.She needs to take extra care of me,extra alert on keeping an eye for me because I could fall in a second if she is to be careless.I can now roll/flip over.I may be right beside her in a moment and then seconds she turn her eyes on me I would be on the edge of the bed.See how fast I can move?

Well,I think I post too long today.I better stop before I can get any further.I will let you know some of my tactics learned in the next few days.Have a nice day guys and thank you for dropping by here.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Family Time Means Happy Time

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Good evening guys,playmates and avid visitors! I am kinda late again updating my blog here.I just want to pour out my happy emotion right here.I am just overjoyed for the family I am in.Mom and dad truly love me so much I can tell that by the way they speak,play and they handle me.

We just done playing.I had both of my parents' attention.I was on my dad's belly while mom play with me.She would say funny words that makes me jerk and I giggle a lot.When giggling,they laugh too.OH that certainly joyous to their hearts!

What a fine family I have.I pray that we are always happy like this.Simple small and happy family is what I hope for when I was still in my mom's womb.

~~~~~~~~~~Come Sing With Me~~

You're my Honeybunch, Sugarplum
Pumpy-umpy-umpkin, You're my Sweetie Pie
You're my Cuppycake, Gumdrop
Snoogums-Boogums, You're the Apple of my Eye
And I love you so and I want you to know
That I'll always be right here
And I love to sing sweet songs to you
Because you are so dear


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