Tuesday, September 30, 2008

8th Month Milestone Photos

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So you think I'm sleeping here? No way! Not now that I am beginning to love the world around me. For your information, I am here in a corner enjoying being a baby. I love to crawl,following mom wherever she goes, love to stand up holding on to something to get me to where I wanna play. I don't mind the bruises or scratches I get from my own action as long as I can get to do the things an 8-month old supposed to do. I also love giving mom a hard time during feeding time, I'd say no no to her and yet she insists on giving me tasteless baby food.

When I have the chance to crawl, I'd crawl underneath the chair or table, reaching mom's pc table, pulling the cords,etc etc etc..

Proof are the photos below. That is what I'm up to for now. Watch for more development I'm gonna post next time!

... I love the computer so much...
.... so curious that I'm willing to go down there...
...I wonder what's in the box?
...eating porridge... looks like I'm not liking it in this photo
... helping my mom doing the laundry?
... this is all I can do for now... next month I'll be standing by myself
...hmm can't reach the bottle... but hey this is fun to do...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Who's Got A New Friend?

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Mom and I went to Auntie Rosalie's house yesterday to meet up her new friend and the baby. We were supposed to see them last weekend but we weren't able to do it. I wonder why filipinas have big mouths once they get to gather in one place.They laughed so loud and talked that wouldn't seem to end. Ahhh I should not question about it, they're just happy they see each other. I'm a filipina myself and who knows when I grow up and be with Pinay friends I can be like them.

Meantime, while I am young, I should try to understand them. They're far from home and that seeing each other should be a big fiesta for them for they seldom see in person and that is their happiness. Ok,enough all that.. I would like to share to you guys about a friend I met named Cassandra. She is 11 months old and a daughter of Auntie Madel- mommy's new found friend. I hope that we will become good friends when we grow up because it's such a nice thing that our moms are both filipinas and that they're friends too.

...meet my new friend Cassandra
Casst and U playing on the table..
our beautiful faces on our mom's laps...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Here Comes My Second Tooth

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I know it's been a while again since I updated this blog.Pardon for my absence readers.Good news to tell all of you.I got my second incisor now.It came out last September 17. Oh boy,it wasn't easy for it felt a bit weird having this hard enamel in my gum so what I do is sticking my tongue out,feeling my two cute teeth and drools a lot.Somehow,I believe that I'm going to get used to it.

By the way,I forgot to write my height from my previous so here it is.I am now towering a height of 28 inches.

Sharing you all our latest photos taken yesterday in Starbucks hanging out with Mike.For the first time brought me and mom with him and sat for over an hour to the nearest Starbucks.Enjoy and have a nice weekend everyone!
... feeling so comfy on my dad's lap.Love you much dad!
...hmmm having a conversation with Mike in this photo.I just showed him my gestures since I cannot talk yet..
... my mommy is so sweet.She showers me with her kisses all the time..
... hmmppp I'm scared of him.Mike,my dad's best buddy!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kataw-Anan nga Nawng (Hilarious Faces of Me)

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So this is what I'm up to these days.I just learned how to do this grimace few days ago and now I'm really good at it.These are the very latest photos of me that mom captured doing my clownish face.Am I not cute?

Mom is very happy of me now.I've learned a lot of tricks that makes her burst to laugh each time I do my babyish tricks.
I love grapes very much and so as to thank mom for feeding me my favorite fruit,I give her these faces...look..look..look at me nalang para kita ka unsa ako face.

ay sos ka kyut jud naku oi..happy kaayo pakaon pakos ako mommy ug grapes
sure kaayo ni nawng murag kinumot sa pungkol sa?
samot nani pinatiran sa bakol
ay sos dala paman pa kyut kyut bisan nangatagak na gikaon
kani murag anghel kau ako nawng ani no? tsk.tsk. maglaway si Cathy ani katong nanaway naku 5 days old palang ko sauna..malash..

Monday, September 15, 2008

My Supposed To Be 6th Month Vaccination

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...I am kinda behind getting my vaccination as my mom and dad were so busy the last 2 months.Almost 8 now that I got.The last 5 vaccinations were supposed to be given to me on my 6th month of age.

I didn't like the nurse who gave it to me as she was slow as hell and is not being friendly to me.She was just like a usual insensitive working white woman,that's my own opinion.

Over all health condition is good according to the doctor,still in that 95 percentile in my age.I now weighs 20 lbs and 2 ounces.Guess what? That nurse who attended to me didn't even put a detailed description of progress including my height.GezzZ! I shall be back to my pedia's clinic in 2 months time.Hoping though that the original assistant will be the one to give me my vaccinations as she has lighter hands to work.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sept.11 Tooth

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Kung kinsa kato nakahinumdum gibombahan ang Twin Tower sa New York sauna mga brayt.Awa ako taytol parehas ug petsa sa insidente sauna pud nga ni gawas permiro ako ngipon usa pa kabuok karon jud mismo adlawa ug karon pud ang kasumaran sa pag bomba.Ingon ako mama kyut kuno kaayo ug dili siya katuo daku na jud ko.

Naa pay usa tumotobo pa noon pero sa dili madugay mura naku ani ug rabbit tan awn.Swerti kaayo ako mama naku oi kay wa gud naku siya tagai ug dakung kahasol kay duwa ra ko ug ako bisan ga ngipon.Wa jud ko ga langas ug ga hilak hilak maayo.Mura ra normal adlaw naku,macho gud ko so dili jud ko matay-og,diba mga prends? Mohilak rako ug pina manika ug pasakitan ko mama sa iyang kadanghag dritsoon ko labnot sa lingkuranan napiit ako higanti nga legs gud,sakit kaayo to oi mao ping-it jud ko dili ko mauwaw sa mga taw no?

Buweno,wala ko ika share nga hulagway sa ako ngipon sa pagkakaron kay nagdinakpanay pami sa ako mama ug ako baba kay gusto niya pikaon maayo ako baba para kakita sa akong ngipon.Tan awa lang ako MILESTONE pictures para malingaw mo.Mga kabuang sa ako inahan iya gibuhat sa ako dili matugkad.

..utro pud ako dadi binuangan ko kugos mayabo kaha iya duga(ako) matagbaw jud cya hulma nku balik. Pasangil ra gud mi piktyur ani pero ang tuyo kodakan ang jumbo naa sa amo likod.

...kani nga hulagway sa Walmart ni ganiha wa mi lingaw dugay ayo human eye exam dadi mao piktyur piktyur nalang mi.Buang mani ako mama oi pahiran man ako fes ug iyang lapis.
..duh bisan busy ko hubog hubog, mo hunong sa jud ko kajut kay camera na gud na

...ako mama way buot,imbis pahilomon ko gi apilan noon ko hilak,sungog jud ko sa kagwang oi.
...bag o ko mata ani,nasudlan ko ni mama mao ni ako gibuhat..
piktyur sa ko kay ako huwaton malipat si mama ako samokon ang iro nga natulog
...oooooii chichai,pagmata diha kay magduwa ta,tilapi ako baba
kani,nag unsa kaha ko ani sa? nangita ug tayming nga samokon ako itoy nga maldita...

....labing labing mi sa ako mami,maayo nalang ni ako siya atimanon nig katiguwang niya..
...bata paman ta ko oi bungoton naman ko liwat dadi...
...kani usa pa akong makaya sa pagkakaron,pinaluhod samtang ga blogging..
.... ako inahan d man cguro ko palangga ani kay pahilakon man ko niya maayo usahay.. sukol jud ko niya oi,mao ni ako buhat ay gihubo naku dayaper nya ihian naku ako higdaanan unay. Nindot noon kay humot humot diri jud baya ako ulhanan ug matulog ko.

Manghinaot ko nalingaw mos ako mga hulagway katawhan,kapamilya ug kaduwa!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Caught in Action

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Ok,what have I been doing lately? Guess? Making my mom tired at the end of the day.Been little bit fussy because my gum start to feel weird as I feel there is a tooth coming out pretty soon.Despite a cryer baby,I still bring smiles on my parents' face.

Oh yeah,busy exploring the surroundings in me and playing or chasing after our puppy.What else? busy ko cge tuwad mura ungo.Mom caught me in action nag tuwad mura sigbin.Look at the photo below!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Milestone Photos

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I know,I know..it's been a while again since I last posted here.Mom have been too busy lately that she won't let me use her puter again.Now I sneak in since she's in the kitchen.

Ok,photos attached are obviously some of my milestones.This is what I'm up to now,playing with my musical instrument,crawling everywhere,content of sitting by myself for minutes and cry. What else can I do? I have nothing more to say except that I am so excited going to mom's hometown hopefully soon because grand dad told mom over the phone that he is going to throw me a grand birthday party..naks... conceited? Not so..am just being so anxious of going to my Filipino family...
this is all for now,gotta split!

huh,got a nice playmate here,chichai is naughty bitchy dog that scratches my nose...
hi mom,I'm behaving good here,so no probs,go ahead take a shower...
smart baby photo of me,as if I'm playing it really good..opps somebody needs to wear a bra right here..big breasts...
another milestone of me is standing up with my legs.this is my fave side of the crib upon waking and call mom to pick me up...

~~~~~~~~~~Come Sing With Me~~

You're my Honeybunch, Sugarplum
Pumpy-umpy-umpkin, You're my Sweetie Pie
You're my Cuppycake, Gumdrop
Snoogums-Boogums, You're the Apple of my Eye
And I love you so and I want you to know
That I'll always be right here
And I love to sing sweet songs to you
Because you are so dear


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