Thursday, April 30, 2009

So What's Up With Me?

Posted by tx sweetie at Thursday, April 30, 2009
Forgive me of my long absence in blogging world folks. I know it's been a long time since I last posted my entry here but hey I am still alive, surviving and kicking. Mom tries to do her best to keep up with my eating habit(which is insanely difficult) for I always say NO NO to almost all foods she give me. I do love to play alot though and scatter toys everywhere also play with our dog. So today, I get a small chance updating my blog for I know you all are wanting to read some fresh and new updates here.

I won't be posting long entry today as it might bore you all, let me just give you some of the developments I've made as I turned 15 months.

1. I can now identify different kinds of animals such as; dogs, cat(both sounds like ACK) when I say it, elephant, birds, fish, horse etc.

2. Able to identify between airplane and a flower, loves looking at pictures (esp. animal pictures) in the book

3. Picky when it comes to food. Now drinking my milk with 2 scoops of milk and 2 scoops of cereal to content my small tummy.

4. Meet my daddy at living room gate when he's home excitedly

5. Loves to play with dirt/ gravel or sand

6. Able to point where "yayay" is

7. Standing in the shower while mom spray me with warm water in my little body. Before I used to lie down in my baby bather.. now not anymore

8. Loves eating strawberry, banana, mango and cheese.. don't like water much

9. Loves to study my ABC on Starfall

10. Loves to babble alot, baby babble that only me can understand although I can speak a few words correctly



wifetoalineman02 on May 5, 2009 at 5:19 PM said...

you are getting so big naman ug badlungon na pud ni Mommy nimo. Sag-di lng ng mga gubot ky nia man c Mommy nimo tig-pick-up hehehe.


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